*Values are estimated depending on the value/size of home built

**Upon closing, the city of Clearwater will pay 2% of the lessor of the sales price or appraisal.  

No construction loan is required.  

$300,000 home value used for approximation of incentive value.

Ask about Developer Carry Option for Lots!!!

Incentive Package from city of Clearwater: 

50% off city portion of General Property Taxes for the first 5 years*                

New Home Purchase Credit                                                            

50% off Building Permits*                                                                  

Waive Sewer and Water Tap Fee                                                  

Housing Development Incentive**                 

TOTAL INCENTIVE PACKAGE VALUE:                                      

Exclusive Incentives!!!

The city of Clearwater really came to the table and is showing they want new homes in Clearwater!  

Our home inventory is low and we are seeking your help to grow!


$  4,835.00

$  1,500.00

$     750.00

$  1,500.00

$  6,000.00


a covenant community