a covenant community

Patio Homes have begun!!!


The Patio Homes are being built by the Developer and the first two homes are being built now!!!

These homes are designed to be "Senior Friendly" with extra wide doorways and luxury vinyl plank flooring in common areas for easier accessibility for wheel chairs and motorized scooters but also very pet friendly for service animals.  The master bathroom will have a low-lip shower and handrail backing preinstalled for the shower and around the commode in the master.  The home will have no stairs/steps as well!  The concrete slab foundation will have a low sloping sidewalk to the front porch and no step into the front door (just a threshold).  Also, the garage will have no steps into the home as well making for a very accessible home!

The Patio Homes will be part of a sub-community within Park Glen Estates Homeowners' Association to take care of lawncare, snow removal, exterior maintenance (excluding windows and doors) and irrigation system maintenance.  This makes for a terrific option for someone to maintain independence without many of the concerns of homeownership or escalating rent.

If a tornado shelter is wanted, for added peace-of-mind, a properly rated shelter can be installed in the garage.

These 2 bed, 2 full bath homes will all have the same floor plan but some will be mirrored layouts.  Also, they will have some variance in the exterior and interior finishes to keep them from all looking exactly the same. 

The covered back lanai can be screened-in should the homeowner choose to do so.